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The different types of Jewish pendants

Jewish jewelry is an ancient tradition and a symbol of Jewish identity. Necklaces are a great way to wear a discreet and elegant religious sign. They can be worn by anyone, regardless of your age or gender.

The different types of Jewish pendants can be distinguished by their origin and function. Some Jewish jewelry like the Magen David pendant is a sign of belonging to the Jewish community and others have a more specific meaning. Solomon's seals, for example, are medals that confer a protective or healing power on the person who wears them.

Among the different Jewish pendants, we find:

  • The Star of David
  • The Hai
  • The hand of Fatima or Hamsa
  • The Seals of Solomon
  • protective eye

Choosing a Jewish Pendant

There are many reasons to buy a new Jewish pendant. Perhaps you are looking to pass on your faith to your child. Or wish to offer this necklace to a person who is particularly close to your heart.

If you are looking for a gift for a special person, think about what they like, what is important in their life and choose a Jewish pendant that suits their tastes.

If you are looking to pass on your faith to your child, choose Jewish jewelry that looks like him and that he will be happy to wear.

If you simply want to treat yourself to a beautiful jewel, ask yourself which symbols speak to you the most and choose a pendant in a color and material that you like: gold, silver, pewter...

And if you like crystals or precious stones, some medals are very nicely decorated with them.

The Jewish pendant as a symbol of protection

Hebrew pendants are a way to carry a symbol of protection with you. The most common symbols are represented by pentagrams, triangles, stars and sacred numbers. The Jewish pendant is often used as a symbol of protection in Judaism.

Among the most common symbols, we find the "chai" or "chayim" which is represented by two Hebrew letters which mean "life". We also have Solomon's seals which are used for protection and success. This type of jewelry can be worn by anyone who wants to protect themselves, whether they are Jewish or not.