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Showing 1 - 7 of 7 products
Vials of oil for Chanukiah ready to use 4.5x2.5cm
Fioles d'huile pour Hanoukia 4,5x2,5cm-O-Judaisme
Vials of oil for Chanukiah 4.5x2.5cm
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Nous vous proposons cette jolie Hanoukia Fioles qui illuminera votre fête de Hanouka. Cette Ménorah arbore des inscriptions en hébreu pour la Fête de Hanouka.
Chanukiah Vials
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Paquet de 50 Mèches pour Fioles de Hanouka ou Shabbat
Pack of 44 Vials of Pure Jellied Olive Oil - Size MPack of 44 Vials of Pure Jellied Olive Oil - Size M
Chaque boite contient un Pack de 44 Fioles d'Huile d'Olive Pure Gélifiée, pour les huit jours de Hanoukka. En un tour de main, vous voilà prêts pour au moins 2H15 de lumière.Pack de 44 Fioles d'Huile d'Olive Pure Gélifiée
Fioles d'huile pour Hanoukia 5x3cm-O-Judaisme
Vials of oil for Chanukiah 5x3cm
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The different Hanukkah vials

In this guide, discover the different cups (gelled oil, ready-to-use, empty vials, etc.) that we offer, as well as their use.

Jelly oil cups

Our gel oil cups packs are koshered and ready to use. Made of pure olive oil, they will allow you to light your candlesticks quickly and easily. Each box contains 44 vials for the 8 nights of Hanukkah. Designed to last, they will stay on for between 1h15 (size S) and 2h15 (size M) minimum.

Ready-to-use oil cups

Our pack of ready-to-use oil cup is composed of 9 containers already equipped with wick holders as well as 44 wicks to last the 8 nights of Hanukkah. Simply add olive oil and your oil cup will be ready for lighting!

Empty oil cups to fill

Our glass oil cups are designed to hold olive oil and a wick (or floats) so you can turn on your lights during the eight nights of Hanukkah. The packs we offer contain 9 vials that you can reuse in subsequent years. They are ideal for people wishing to make their own vials of oil. You can also share this moment with your family during a creative workshop.

Before ordering Hanukkah oil cups, make sure your Hanukkah is compatible with the use of vials. Some models of Jewish candlesticks are designed to accommodate Chanukiot candles only.

The entire O-Judaisme team wishes you happy and bright Hanukkah holidays!