Useful Links

Institutions of the Jewish community:
- Consistory of Paris:
- Girl Scouts and Israelite Scouts of France:
- Foundation for the Memory of Holocaust:

French Jewish Community:
- Online Community:
- Judaism Portal: https:/ /
- Synagogue and Community of Dijon:
- Bas-Rhin Consistory:

Israeli institutions in France:
- Jewish Agency for Israel:
- Israeli National Tourist Office:

Israeli press:
- Haaretz in Hebrew:
- Haaretz in English: https ://
- Jerusalem Post:
- Maariv: https://www.

Books - study - pedagogy:

- Site for Jewish study:
- Sidra, Parsha, Haftarah:
- Akadem:

Jewish gastronomy:

Travel to Israel:

Museums on Judaism around the world:
- Museum of Art and History of Judaism (MAHJ-Paris): /
- Beth Hatefutsoth, Museum of the Jewish Diaspora, Tel Aviv:
- Israel Museum, Jerusalem:
- Yad Vashem, Jerusalem:
- Beit Lohamei Hagetaot, Ghetto Fighters House, Israel:
- Babylonian Jewry Heritage Center:
- Jewish Museum, Vienna:
- Jewish Museum, New York:
- The museum of Jewish Heritage, New York:
- Rhodos Jewish Museum:
- Anne Frank House, Amsterdam:
- United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Washington: https:// www.ushmm .org/

Academic Centers
- The Complete Web Guide to Art in Israel:

- Dutch society for jewish genealogy:

- Aish:
- Jewishnet: /
- The Jewish Music Homepage:
- Wizo International:

Links related to Moroccan Jewish culture:

You will find below a selection of sites related to Moroccan Jewish culture. Click on the links to access the sites.