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Showing 49 - 53 of 53 products
Bague de mariage à personnaliser-O-Judaisme
Personalized wedding ring
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Bague de Bénédiction: Que me protège-O-JudaismeBague de Bénédiction: Que me protège-O-Judaisme
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Bague de Bénédiction : Que D.ieu me protègeMatériaux: Or Jaune 9K et Argent 925
Ring of Blessing: May Gd protect me
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Bague Or 14K Hébreu Mariage-O-Judaisme
14K Gold Hebrew Wedding Ring
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Bague 9mm en Hébreu à personnaliser-O-Judaisme
9mm ring in Hebrew to personalize
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Jewish ring: why wear it?

The Jewish ring is a religious piece of jewelry that is worn by Jews of all cultures. The Jewish ring can be made of different materials, including gold, silver, pewter and sometimes precious stones. Depending on the style and symbol, the Jewish ring can be used for a special occasion or worn all year round. It can be worn for aesthetic, religious and cultural reasons.

Jewish ring as a symbol of faith

The Jewish Ring is a strong symbol of belonging to Judaism. It is also a sign of loyalty to Jewish culture and a way to honor one's faith in Gd. The Jewish Ring is worn by both men and women, but more often by men than by women.

Jewish ring as a symbol of love

Rings for Jewish engagements and weddings are a symbol of love and commitment. They represent fidelity and the promise to love each other even beyond the years. Groom rings are usually white gold, but some can also be yellow gold or gold. Sometimes they contain an inscription and a personalized message intended for the loved one.

Blessings of the wedding ring are part of Jewish tradition. They are pronounced by the rabbi, during the wedding, before the spouses give each other the ring. The blessing is a prayer to express gratitude for the marriage and the continuity of the lineage. Most often, these blessings are said in Hebrew, but they can also be said in English or another language.

Jewish ring for blessing and protection

Some Jewish rings contain a combination of Kabbalah letters and provide blessing or protection to the wearer.

Kabbalah is a set of traditions and spiritual practices attached to the sacred texts of Judaism. Its practice is intended to elevate the soul to God. One of the characteristics of Kabbalah is the belief that each letter of the divine name is associated with a letter of the Hebrew alphabet and that the world was created from a letter and will return to it.

Moreover, most of these rings are made of silver by artisan jewelers who have studied Kabbalah and Jewish mysticism for many years. Kabbalah rings are specially designed to bring luck, success and success to the person who wears them daily.