Jewish amulet for protection

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Here is the Kabbalistic code for protection that will protect you from any danger. Code engraved on plate covered with 24 ct gold. Jewish amulet for protection.

On the back is a prayer.

Judaism recognizes through Kabbalah the existence of harmful beings, whether in the Talmud (treaty Berakoth 5b) or in the various Midrashim (Genesis, Exodus or Song of Songs). These beings are sometimes said to be the cause of illnesses and various problems in life, which is why some Sefarim deal with ways to attract Di..'s protection against them.

Who was Rabbi Meir Baal HaNess?
Rabbi Meir Baal HaNess is one of the great tannaim of the generation that followed the Bar Kokhba Revolt. He is from Asia Minor and lived in the years 135-170 CE.

Rabbi Meir is a disciple of Rabbi Akiva. He is also known as a student of Rabbi Ishmael ben Elisha and Elisha ben Avouya (A'her), whom he brought out of Gehenna

He helped reorganize the Sanhedrin at Usha, after that the Sages of Yavne had to flee the coastal region during the Bar Kokhba Revolt. When Simon ben Gamaliel II (the father of Rabbi Judah Hanasi) was elected head of the Sanhedrin, Rabbi Meir was elevated to the dignity of hakham.

At the end of his life, he left the Land of Israel because of a conflict with Nassi. Rabbi Meir took the side of Rabbi Nathan, Av beth din, when the latter challenged the authoritarian drift of Simon ben Gamaliel II in matters of halachic decision. The impeachment attempt was unsuccessful. One consequence was that the text of the Mishna, when it reports the laws resulting from the tradition transmitted by Rabbi Meir, does not introduce them in his name. They are introduced by the formula "some say". Rabbi Meir died somewhere in Asia Minor. At his request, he is buried like his master Rabbi Akiva on the shores of Lake Tiberias.

He is one of the 5 students of Rabbi Akiva who survived an epidemic that occurred between Passover and Lag Ba'omer .

  • Size of 8 x 5 cm (credit card size)
  • Stunning prayer card coated in 24K gold
  • Made in Israel
  • Printed on both sides

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