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"נתן נשמהם ,ברד,אש להבות בארצם ויד גפנם ותאנם "

This Seal of Protection and Defense was designed by King Solomon. It was devised in order to confuse the wearer's enemies by pronouncing the Divine Names.

Enlightens the wisdom of man to keep him away from dangers and guide him in finding his way. The holder must hold the seal in his right hand and quote in Hebrew two Names of D...: "EL" (made from the Hebrew letters 'ALIF – LAMÈD') and "Yehi" (made Hebrew letters 'Yud-He-Yud').

The design on this piece of jewelry is a star with eight points that are surrounded by two circles.

In the center of the star are inscribed two of the names of D... in Hebrew letters: 'ALEF – LAMÈD' (lit EL) and 'Yud-Yud-ALIF-Yud (one of the Holy names of G..., which must not be pronounced).

In the inner circle, between the points of the star, some letters are ancient writings. Between the two circles at the top of the seal is drawn a Star of David and around it are inscribed Hebrew names.

This Seal, which also protects against the evil eye, will give you and your loved ones powerful energy. It will help and protect its wearer wherever they are:hike, travel, business, work.

Ring in 925 Sterling Silver and 18k gold plating, delivered in its black velvet case.

  • Made in Israel
  • 925 Sterling silver and 18k gold plated

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