Le Fil Rouge

Meaning of red string bracelet:

Once upon a time, the ancient kabbalists revealed a powerful method of protection. Its purpose is twofold: to protect us from the envious gazes of others and to help us eliminate feelings of jealousy and resentment within ourselves. This method is the common thread; a red wool thread worn on the left wrist. This method is an indispensable tool for our spiritual and physical protection.

Kabbalistic precepts contain neither prohibition nor commandment. Kabbalists speak rather of positive and negative energies. Negative energies of jealousy and envy emanate from the eyes, giving rise to the very old and meaningful term "evil eye".

The evil eye is part of the history of human wisdom. Socrates, Plato and Aristotle talked about it. It is mentioned in the Bible. Throughout the ages, kings, queens and conquerors have felt fear and respect of it. Ancient Greek sailors painted eyes on the bow of their boat to protect against its power. The Romans called it oculus malus. For the Scots, he was droch shuil. Kabbalists refer to him as ayin harah.

According to the Kabbalists, this form of negative energy can affect our lives and well-being. It can prevent us from fulfilling our destiny and also cause us to lose what we have already obtained.

Application of Red String:

Wear around the left wrist

Kabbalah teaches that colors have particular energies and frequencies. For example, red is the color of danger. By tying ourselves with a red thread in a particular way, we protect ourselves against the dangerous negativity directed at us - a spiritual immunity against the destructive forces of the evil eye.

The color red is part of this method. It all starts in Israel where a length of red cord surrounds the tomb of Rachel, the biblical matriarch. Rachel is considered by Kabbalists to be the mother of the world and her greatest desire is to protect all her children from harm. Throughout her life, Rachel acted as the protector of humanity. According to Kabbalah, the burial sites of the righteous are the portal of the energies they created during their lifetime. The red string is brought to Rachel's tomb, where it becomes imbued with its protective force - for no power is greater than a naturally protective maternal love. On a practical level, this is a challenge, as Rachel's Tomb is located in a politically turbulent area of ​​Israel. But each of the red threads sold by o-judaisme comes from this process to constitute an authentic protection against the evil eye.

The red string is worn on the left wrist. The left side of the body is identified by Kabbalists as the place through which energy enters. The left arm and hand come under the reception; the right arm and hand embody the power to give. Therefore, negative forces enter the body from the left side. By wearing the red thread on the left wrist, we intercept the negative energies at their precise point of entry. The thread is tied in a precise sequence of seven knots, each of which symbolizes a distinct spiritual dimension that pervades our reality. It's important that someone who loves us - whom we really trust - ties the cord around our wrist. As that person does, we must ask for the power to radiate kindness, compassion, and freedom from the evil eye. (Ben Porat Yosef).

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Livraison rapide je recommande ! Une petite question, à partir de quel âge on pourrait porter le fil rouge ? Pour un bébé en dessous d’un an ça ne fera pas de mal ? Et pour une enfant de deux ans et demie ? C’est nécessaire de l’attacher à leur main ou bien c’est possible juste de le porter sur soi ? Merci ❤️


Mais il y a la difference entre le fil rouge indiens Porter au poignet droite ?




Bonjour, que dois-je faire de mon ancien fil après la période de deuil de 7 jours ?
Le jeter dans un endroit qui n’est pas un passage habituel (si oui dans l’eau est-ce possible) ou bien le bruler avec une bougie ?


Est ce que le port du fil rouge au poignet de quelqu’un possède par un Esprit de sorcellerie pourrait en être délivrer?


Très bon article, merci


Si une personne nous demande sa signification cela veut-il dire qu’elle est mal intentionnée?


Merci beaucoup. Chez nous aussi guyanais en utilisé le fil rouge au poignet pour la Protection !!!! C’est très puissant . A plus !!!.

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