Les Sceaux du Roi Salomon

King Solomon's seals hold an ancient, priceless Source of Wisdom.

This powerful source of wisdom brings harmony to one's life. It is not only the Jews who have known the powers of these Seals for thousands of years but also Christians and Muslims who believe in their powers. Evidence is found in Churches and Mosques around the world where the Seals are engraved and inscribed in their decorations as source of Divine power.

According to tradition, the Seals have their origin in the ring worn by King Solomon, known as the Wiseest of Men. This ring was engraved with symbols, letters, Angel names, codes and acrostics of Bible verses.

The Seals of King Solomon have been taken over by us retaining their exact forms, their authentic and original language – the Hebrew language – exactly as reproduced in the Bible. These Seals are at your disposal and use so that people can connect to this ancient source of knowledge and thus can benefit from the same energies which served and changed destinies in ancient times.

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Bonjour je voudrais un livre la clé des psaumes de David en français et tout ces secret pour la réussite et la protection ainsi que le livre de la clé de Salomon en français merci de m’informer sur ce produits que dieu vous bénisse tous et prenez bien soins de vous Olga


je voudrais un livre du nom ( la cle du roi salomon ) si vous avez le livre je veux l’acheter

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